• October 12, 2021

A simple Lexington phone app for your phone

Ars Technicapedia’s Jason St. John describes a new app for Android that will give you a phone repair tool in less than 10 minutes.

St. John wrote the code for his app, called Lid, which allows you to make phone repairs in just 10 minutes on your Android phone.

“We wanted to create a way for people to go into the home, have a phone call, and get the phone serviced,” St. Johns told Ars.

He wrote a little bit of C++ and wrote the app in just a few hours.

Lid’s developers say that the app’s goal is to help people who have been disconnected from their phones, either due to bad signal, bad signal range, or the inability to find a service provider who is willing to perform a phone service call.

“The idea was to give the consumer a way to go in and take control of their phone,” St John said.

Lids phone repair app is built on Android’s “Open Device Interface,” or ODI, which makes it easy to use a phone without the need to have a Google account or any other authentication.

“Lid is a quick, easy, and affordable way to repair your phone without a service contract,” St Johns said.

The app includes a list of the phone’s manufacturers and the model number of the handset it is repaired.

Users can click on a particular manufacturer’s logo, which opens up a list that contains a list for the phone manufacturer’s phone number.

The app also has a list containing the phone model number and the manufacturer’s warranty.LID also has two different “repair buttons” that allow users to enter the phone number, manufacturer, and warranty number of their choice.

St. Jonathan said Lids phone repairs will be limited to those who have a valid credit card or debit card.

“You don’t have to have your phone in order to make an order,” St Joes said.

“There’s no hidden fees, no minimum order, no maximum order, and the phone repair is done automatically.”

The app has been downloaded over 50,000 times in less the last week, St Johns told the Verge.

Lido is currently in beta testing and St Johns hopes to have the app ready for release in the coming weeks.

For more information, read St Johns’ blog post.


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