• July 1, 2021

How to repair your Verizon phone screen with Verizon repair kit

The repair kit includes the following parts:Verizon phone screen (with screen protector removed)iPhone 5S screen (not sold separately)Samsung Galaxy S5 screen (without screen protector)Samsung galaxy S6 screen (no screen protector included)Samsung iPhone 7 screen (unsold)Samsung Nexus 6P screen (sold separately)Verizon internet connection (uninstalled)Verify that your device has the latest firmware (updated with the latest Android security patches)Verification of the device’s IP addressVerification that the phone is compatible with Verizon’s network (if available)Verifying that your carrier has activated your device for an unlimited data planVerifying the device is working on a phone number (only one per customer)Verified that the device has been tested and works with Verizon and has been verified for performanceVerified the device works with your carrier’s networkVerified you are using the latest Verizon firmwareVerified your carrier does not have an older version of the latest wireless software or network software that is no longer supportedVerified all devices are up to date on Verizon’s Wi-Fi networkVerification the device supports your carrier wireless network, including the following:Verification your carrier is working with Verizon to deploy LTE devices on the networkVerify you are on the latest Wi-Fis for the latest mobile security updateVerification you are a current Verizon customerVerification this is a Verizon deviceVerification device supports Verizon’s LTE networkVerifying your device is in good working orderVerifying you are able to download and install the latest version of Verizon’s mobile security softwareVerification all devices on Verizon wireless network are working correctlyVerifying this device has not been tampered withVerification Verizon has verified that this device is compatibleWith Verizon internet connectionVerify the device and your device are compatible with your wireless network and you have received a verified message from VerizonVerification if you have not received a verification message from your carrierVerification is working in your areaVerification a Verizon mobile device or an Android device is not working properly in your regionVerification there is a data limit on your data usage (if any)Verifications can be completed online or by phoneVerification results will vary depending on the device type and location, as well as the device speed, device configuration, network configuration, and other factors, which may change during the verification process.

The following questions are required to complete the verification, and the results may vary.

Verification will not be emailed to you.

Verify Verizon has received your verified message.

Verified Verizon has certified that your Verizon Wireless device is supported by Verizon Wireless.

Verifying Verizon Wireless has not received the verification message.

If you have questions about Verizon Wireless, call Verizon Customer Service at 1-800-826-3999.

Verizon is not responsible for lost or damaged devices or for the transmission or storage of data or other information that you may not have authorized for such use.

Verifications will be reviewed on a first come, first serve basis and Verizon reserves the right to cancel any verification if it believes that the process has not met the verification requirements or is incomplete.

Verizon reserves all rights to charge fees or charge additional fees to verify customers.

Verifies may not be refunded or credited for items you purchase with Verizon.

You must notify Verizon of any changes in your account information.

You may cancel verification if your Verizon account is no more than 10 days old or you do not wish to participate in the verification program.

Verizons mobile security policy requires a valid wireless network ID (WAN ID) in order to complete verification.

You will need this WAN ID to verify your device.

If you do NOT have a valid WAN IP address or WAN password, please call Verizon customer service to request a new one.

Verison’s customer service team is available by phone, by email, or by mail to help customers find the correct information.

Verision’s security measures may not protect you from viruses or other security threats.

Verizon does not warrant the security of your information.

Verizon’s security procedures and practices are subject to change.

Verions Terms of Service (TOS) are available at www.verizon.com/terms.

Verizion may change or discontinue services or products at any time without notice.

Verity may modify, suspend, or terminate services at any point for any reason, including without limitation, for fraudulent activity, fraud, or breach of warranty, breach of contract, or any other reason.

Verities products may be restricted or removed from retail stores or other locations at any given time.

If Verities products are sold at retail, the items may be limited or discontinued at that time.

You should not attempt to purchase Verities items from any retail location if you do so at your own risk.


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