• May 20, 2021

I’ve got a problem! A phone repair in Oklahoma!

A mobile phone repair business in Tulsa, Oklahoma has opened up a repair shop to help people in the area find their phones, and the phone is coming in handy.

The Tulsa World reports that the business owner, who goes by “Sara” says that her business has been serving customers for almost a year.

So far, she says that she has received over 100 calls from people seeking phone repairs.

When asked what phone she needs, Sara says that it’s a Nokia phone.

“I don’t know how to find it, so I went to a phone shop in Las Vegas and I found one that I was happy with,” she said.

When contacted by The Huffington Post, Sara said that she had not seen a need for her phone repair company.

“This is a phone that I’m using,” she added.

“If I didn’t have it, I would have gone and purchased it.”

According to the article, the owners phone repair service is open Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., with one location on Sunday from 11 am to 4 p. m. and one location Monday from 11am to 2 p. p.

They will be open on Tuesdays from 10 a. m to 4:30 p. M.

If you’re looking to find a new phone and need help, Sara has a few suggestions.

“First of all, it’s worth checking out my phone,” Sara said.

“They sell it here and there for a little bit of cash.

And then you can get a phone from a carrier.”

“If you need a call, you can always call the phone repair guys,” she also said.

Sara also told HuffPost that she does not want her business to become a distraction to her work.

“As soon as you open a phone repair, it starts taking over your life,” she explained.

“That’s just not my life, so if I’m going to get a new smartphone, I’m not going to take my job.”

Sara’s phone is one of a handful of phones that she is able to offer for sale, and she hopes that it can help her business continue to grow.

“For me, it has been an incredible amount of support from all of you, so it’s really great,” she told HuffPost.

“It’s been a great feeling for me to hear from you guys.”


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