• May 26, 2021

‘Sick and tired of the NRA’s gun control BS’: GOP’s new gun control plan is so bad, it’s a joke!

This week on Gun Owners of America, we take a look at the NRA-backed Senate gun control bill (S.

449), and how its “ban” on universal background checks is a complete joke. 

It’s all about guns! 

In an NRA-sponsored video, NRA senior vice president David Keene states: “The National Rifle Association stands with Americans who defend their rights and uphold their constitutional rights with the same fervor they do every day to defend their lives.” 

And that’s exactly what Keene wants, he says, as the video begins with him calling for “a universal background check.”

The video then moves on to talk about how the “universal background check” proposal is not “progressive,” but “pro-gun.” 

“This bill is not progressive.

It is not pro-gun.

It does not address gun safety.

It doesn’t do anything to help prevent gun violence,” Keene said. 

The NRA’s proposal would expand background checks to all gun sales, and require background checks on all gun purchases. 

A provision in the bill would also allow the government to “transfer” guns to anyone in the country who “fails” a background check and then “refuses to register” for the gun. 

And it would allow the federal government to take guns from those who fail background checks, so long as they don’t “knowingly” own a gun.

The bill also includes an exception for people who have a “mental health condition,” which is not supported by the National Alliance for Mental Health, which is led by former Rep. Joseph Kennedy III, R-La. 

“It is a dangerous bill,” Kennedy said in a statement to Guns.com after hearing about the NRA proposal. 

In the video, Keene also said: “We know what the NRA wants, and we’re not going to allow them to get away with it.” 

But it is clear that Keene and the NRA have a different agenda when it comes to gun control. 

This is what NRA members are saying about the background check bill.

The NRA’s video also talks about the need for universal background checking, but then it talks about how guns are being taken from those “failing” the background checks. 

On the other hand, the NRA did not respond to a request for comment on Keene’s comments. 

But NRA spokesperson Stephen Fainaru said in an email to Guns, “The NRA believes in a free and open society, and the President’s background check initiative will help protect the rights of law-abiding gun owners.” 

As for the universal background-check provision, it was included in the NRA bill after a meeting between NRA and the president’s top gun control officials, according to NRA spokesperson James Cole. 

Cole said that when it was proposed in 2012, NRA leadership was against universal backgroundchecks, and that it was ultimately dropped when the NRA realized it would “lose money” by supporting universal background tests. 

Keene also talked about the “losing money” argument during the NRA meeting.

He said the NRA would be “happy” if universal background exams were implemented, but “there’s no money in that.” 

Fainaru added: “The NRA has been making its position clear to President Obama and his top gun-control advisors that the NRA opposes universal background inspections.

We’ve worked with the President on background checks since 2008, and he’s always supported them.” 

So, what’s the real agenda behind the gun control push? 

The gun control legislation is really about two things: banning gun sales to anyone without a federal background check, and then transferring guns to people who don’t have a background. 

Here’s what Keen has to say about universal background screenings. 

According to NRA members, universal background background checks are a joke, and will do nothing to prevent gun-related violence. 

That’s the NRA message. 

There is absolutely no need to pass a universal background screening. 

I think it’s an example of the way gun control groups are operating, but it’s not true. 

Gun owners, like the NRA, have long argued that universal background reviews will help prevent guns from falling into the wrong hands, especially when it’s the mentally ill. 

Fainsaru said during the gun rights meeting that universal screening would not stop criminals from buying guns, and added that it’s “not clear” that universal checks would prevent people who “know” they are mentally ill from purchasing guns. 

So the NRA has gone to extreme lengths to push universal background controls as the solution to gun violence, while at the same time arguing against them. 

Now that Keen’s NRA has won the battle for the “gun” and the “background,” it seems the NRA is going to try to make a deal with Democrats and push it through Congress, which would pass it and let it


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