• September 27, 2021

Samsung phone repair shop owner gets phone out of broken screen

A lubbocks phone repair man is suing Samsung after his phone broke while he was repairing it.In court documents, Richard W. Smith, 58, said he had repaired his Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge phone in June and July of last year and then returned it to Samsung for repairs in late July.When he returned…

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What to do if your phone has cracked screen

When you’ve cracked your phone screen or your phone starts to scratch, you’re not alone.A new study published in the journal Cell Reports says there are more than a billion phone repairs in the U.S. every year.In the last decade, we’ve seen more than 1,500,000 phone repairs, and the average cost is $3,500.So what’s the…

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How to fix broken phone screen in a matter of seconds

What you need to know about broken phone screens.If your phone screen is broken, don’t be alarmed, as the repair can be simple and effective.If you need help, contact your local phone repair shop, and you may be able to resolve the issue without expensive repairs.Here are some tips to help repair broken phone glass…

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How to fix broken cell phone screen in Perth

Broken cell phone screens are common in Perth, with many people believing they are the result of water damage caused by rainfall.Here’s how to fix a broken screen.1.Remove the phone from the case2.Make sure the screen is free from any water damage3.Wrap the screen around the battery cover4.Remove any other loose or broken parts5.Remove water…

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How to fix broken phone screen with the phone repair app

I used to have a broken phone phone screen for the last 3-4 years and it has completely taken over my life.So, I decided to take the leap and fix it myself with the app called Phone Repair.What I learned: The phone repair process is very simple.Step 1: Pick a phone you are looking for.The…

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