• August 7, 2021

Why Your iPhone Could Be Injured By Your Car’s Carpet, Says Dr. Anthony Fauci

Tesla Motors Inc. has a lot of potential problems with the carpet, according to a report released Tuesday.Tesla has a reputation for being the best customer service and most affordable auto company in the U.S. but according to the report, the company has a problem with the way the carpet on its vehicles is constructed.The…

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Why do we pay $5 for a new phone?

We are still getting used to paying for new phones, and even after years of spending money on them, it’s still difficult to get a replacement.So how much should we pay for a phone repair?Here’s how much you should pay for repairs in the UK. phone repair online

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Lexington phone repairs costing $15K to repair, T&M phones costing $10K

TULSA, Okla.(Reuters) – Lexington phones cost $15,000 to repair and $10,000 each to replace, according to a phone repair bill that was released on Wednesday.The phone repairs bill is the latest in a series of lawsuits filed against the company by its customers.Lexington phones are widely used in rural areas across the U.S., with about…

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Verizon: Cell phone repair okCAT service to stop in Tulsa

OkcAToday, Oklahoma City, Okla.(AP) Verizon said Wednesday that it will stop offering cellphone repair services in Tulsa and other parts of Oklahoma for the rest of the year.Verizon Communications Inc. said it will suspend its cellphone service in Tulsa, Oklahoma.The company said the decision came as a result of an ongoing investigation by the Oklahoma…

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At&t repairs phone screen, fixes glitch on AT&T’s home page

At&ts repair kit: repairs a phone screen that has been corrupted with an AT&ts logo, a glitch that caused AT&t’s website to appear blank.article AT&s repair kit was available for $149.99 for a one-year subscription, and was updated with the company’s new home page, which features a phone number, number of people who have contacted…

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When it comes to cell phone repairs, Tulsa is your best bet

TULSA, Okla.— If you want to get a cell phone repaired in Tulsa, it’s easy.If you want the right repair job, you’ll need to get the phone towed from your home to an authorized repair service and have the car towed to a garage.The tow is typically the quickest and cheapest option, but if you’re…

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How to Find the Best Cheap Cell Phone Repair: Part 1

Tulsa police say they are looking into the possibility that a man may have broken into a police station in a bid to steal cell phones and other personal items.The suspect, who has been identified as 21-year-old Joshua C., broke into the Tulsa Police Department’s police station early Sunday morning and left with cell phones,…

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How to get the best phone repair in Tulsa, Oklahoma

In a city of fewer than 2.3 million people, a quick phone repair can turn a $100 bill into a $2,000 bill, according to phone repair experts.But for those of us who live in a metro area with a high density of cellphone towers and long lines, phone repair is often a necessity, and the…

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Why are cell phone repairs cheaper than you think?

The cost of replacing a cellphone has fallen faster than expected, thanks to improved wireless technology, and consumers are increasingly willing to pay for new phones.According to research firm Technomic, cellphone prices are down by almost half since 2008.Consumers can pay less than $10 for a new iPhone, up from $100 in 2008.The average price…

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