• September 10, 2021

How to Repair a Broken Cell Phone Screen

Cheap phone screen repairs can be a pretty straightforward process, but they’re not always as easy as you’d think.Cheap phone screens are generally easy to find, but there’s a reason why they’re considered a “bait and switch.”It’s easy to replace the screen, but it’s much harder to get it back to working.Fortunately, there are a…

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What’s the deal with cracked phones? It’s a common problem

A common problem for consumers has been phones getting broken, which means the manufacturer may not be aware of the problem or it may be too late to fix the problem.In this case, it’s the broken phone itself that is the problem, not the phone manufacturer.A broken phone, according to a study released earlier this…

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How to Get Your Phone Repair and Diagnosis Service Called from Sprint

If you have a broken cell phone or a cracked phone, you might want to check out this helpful tip from our sister site, Get Smart.Here, we’re sharing tips to get your repair and diagnostics service from Sprint called directly from your phone.If you have been trying to call your service provider and can’t, try…

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Which phone is the best?

The Sport bible says it’s tough to say which phone is “the best” as the competition heats up.It says that it’s a toss-up between two of the latest models, the HTC 10 and the Samsung Galaxy S7, with the S7 winning the race to the top.Here’s our top pick for the best smartphone of all…

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‘Sick and tired of the NRA’s gun control BS’: GOP’s new gun control plan is so bad, it’s a joke!

This week on Gun Owners of America, we take a look at the NRA-backed Senate gun control bill (S.449), and how its “ban” on universal background checks is a complete joke. It’s all about guns! In an NRA-sponsored video, NRA senior vice president David Keene states: “The National Rifle Association stands with Americans who defend their rights…

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iPhone repair bill of Rs 15,000 on a cracked phone

A cracked iPhone repair will cost you Rs 15 lakh.This is the price charged by the company in the latest report by the National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (NCDRC).The NCDRC has published the bill of costs on a crack phone repair bill for India.The bill has a total price tag of Rs 13.5 lakh.The NCDTC…

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iPhone repair costs double to $2,200

The repair costs for repairing the cracked phone screen in a California hospital were $2.1 million and $1.5 million, according to an estimate by repair app Sears Repair Phone.It’s one of the highest repair costs per phone repair in the country, according the company, which added in some insurance to cover the bill.“The iPhone repair…

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