• June 6, 2021

Sprint phone repair centre is now a Sprint store

SANTA CLARA, Calif.— Sprint has opened a phone repair and service centre in Santa Clara, Calif., and the company is also offering a $20 refund on the phone’s original retail price, a spokeswoman for the company said Friday.The facility, called Sprint Repair, is a joint venture between Sprint and a group of small businesses, including…

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What you need to know about the Lexington phone case saga

The story of the Lexus S800 cell phone case is a complicated one, with the company in a long and difficult battle with the U.S. Department of Justice over what it meant to sell the product in the first place.The story of how the cell phone lawsuit went from an early, and controversial, issue to…

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How to fix your phone after a water damage

I got my phone and it’s been sitting on a concrete slab for over a month.It’s not a big deal but when you first pick it up it looks completely new.My phone isn’t broken, it just needs some work.I picked it up and it immediately broke.I have to put the phone back together and get…

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How to get a phone repair from an online store

What to look for: Phone repair from a local store or website is generally a quicker way to get your phone fixed.The cost of the repair depends on the type of phone, the size of the damage and whether or not you’re looking for the phone to be returned.If you can’t find a phone from…

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A phone screen repair guide

A phone repair kit is the first step in any phone repair.To help you get the most out of your phone, we’ve put together this guide that will give you all the information you need to get the best phone screen repairs.Here’s what you need:1.A phone with a cracked screen or phone screen that’s damaged…

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Phone repair locations in Texas that are open for business again

I can’t believe I just went into my local AT&T store and ordered a new phone for my family.It took me nearly 30 minutes to reach my phone repair store.My wife and I were so excited to finally find a new device.We ordered a brand new iPhone 5s and a brand brand new iPad Air.The…

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Which phone repair company to use?

Here are the best phone repair companies to call if you need help with a broken phone.You may not need a full repair to replace the phone but if it breaks, there are a number of options that can help you out.You can use a phone repair service like Call Plus or Call One to…

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‘I’ve been a customer for 13 years’: My iPhone’s phone repair shop in Georgia opens up shop

A new phone repair company in Georgia has opened up shop after nearly 13 years of waiting for an iPhone to be fixed.I’ve been an iPhone customer since 2011 and have had several iPhone repairs done on my own over the years.It was after the iPhone 6ss was released in December 2016 that I saw…

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