• October 9, 2021

Verizon phone repair company finds out where to buy phones

Verizon phone service provider Verizon Communications Inc. says it is investigating whether its iPhone repair service, which offers a one-year warranty, is actually an iPhone reseller.The company says it was notified about a possible reseller of its iPhone service on Wednesday by a customer who had contacted the company to complain about the reseller and…

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How to repair Verizon phone if it’s not working

A Verizon phone can go out of service if it doesn’t get a good repair from a Verizon technician.The company says the problem is not caused by the phone itself.But if the phone has been disconnected and doesn’t come back online, Verizon may have to replace it.Verizon is warning customers to call 800-831-7969 if they…

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Verizon, iPhone 6s and 6s Plus phones are now cheaper, with more phones to repair

Verizon has announced that its phones have reached the lower price point of $699.99 for the six-inch model, with a three-month contract starting at $99.99, up from $99 in September.The company says it has now sold more than 2.5 million iPhones, compared with about 1.5m phones sold a month earlier.The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus…

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Verizon: Cell phone repair okCAT service to stop in Tulsa

OkcAToday, Oklahoma City, Okla.(AP) Verizon said Wednesday that it will stop offering cellphone repair services in Tulsa and other parts of Oklahoma for the rest of the year.Verizon Communications Inc. said it will suspend its cellphone service in Tulsa, Oklahoma.The company said the decision came as a result of an ongoing investigation by the Oklahoma…

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How to repair your Verizon phone screen with Verizon repair kit

The repair kit includes the following parts:Verizon phone screen (with screen protector removed)iPhone 5S screen (not sold separately)Samsung Galaxy S5 screen (without screen protector)Samsung galaxy S6 screen (no screen protector included)Samsung iPhone 7 screen (unsold)Samsung Nexus 6P screen (sold separately)Verizon internet connection (uninstalled)Verify that your device has the latest firmware (updated with the latest Android…

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The Best Cell Phone Repair Tips

When you buy a cell phone, you’re not buying a product.You’re buying a piece of technology.You don’t need it anymore, but you’ll always want to use it.And you’ll probably want to keep using it.That’s why, in order to get the best cellphone repair, you’ll need to know everything you can about the cell phone’s hardware…

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How to get your cheap phone repaired or replaced

I’ve got a cheap iPhone 6s I’m about to buy a cheap Samsung Galaxy S8, so I need a replacement screen protector and I need to know how to do it without having to spend hundreds of dollars.This is the most common question that comes up on the subreddit, and it’s something that’s easy to…

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How to get a fast phone repaired, repair your cell phone and more

Quick fix fast phones are no longer just for tech savvy people, but they can be found in your wallet too.The most common reason why you might not have a fast cell phone repair is because it requires a tech savvy person to take a break.There are other reasons you might be left behind as…

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