• August 7, 2021

How to fix your Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge without using an Apple iPhone

Apple’s new phone, the S7, is the most hotly anticipated phone of the year.Its successor, the next generation S7Edge, is also a must-have.But is there anything you can do to fix a Galaxy S8 or S8+ without using the iPhone?Here’s everything you need to know about iPhone repair services, as well as the Apple’s latest…

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How to repair a phone’s screen with the Google Home app

A new app called Google Home is now available in the Google Play store for iOS and Android devices.Google Home offers an automated way to set reminders, turn on notifications, and turn off alerts, and it’s a convenient way to interact with your Android or iOS devices.If you’ve ever wanted to see your phone’s battery…

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How to repair a broken cell phone

How to fix a broken phone is one of the most fundamental repairs a consumer can make.The process of getting a new phone from the factory can take anywhere from a few weeks to a couple of months.When it comes to cell phone repair, it’s almost impossible to be certain what’s wrong with your phone…

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Which phone repair shops are in my area?

Mobile phone repair is an increasingly important area for fans as smartphones become increasingly common in the modern world.We’ve all experienced a few phone breaks and some phone replacements, and many are starting to look to buy their own phones and repair them, especially if they are experiencing issues with their own phone.We spoke to…

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How to get the best phone repair in Tulsa, Oklahoma

In a city of fewer than 2.3 million people, a quick phone repair can turn a $100 bill into a $2,000 bill, according to phone repair experts.But for those of us who live in a metro area with a high density of cellphone towers and long lines, phone repair is often a necessity, and the…

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